Invoice Extraction


Many companies are still using manual data entry to process business documents. ​However, this approach is error-prone, time-consuming and expensive. OCR image-based templates improve accuracy; but they are also prohibitively expensive to setup and maintain.


  • Automated Invoice Processing is a cloud-based app that helps small to large business to automate invoice extraction processes which replicate the human approach to data extraction.
  • Unlike any other OCR tools our solution requires no specific rule or template to setup.
  • It is proven deep learning technology that understands the underlying general structure of invoices. This ensures it is ready to extract data from variety of invoices right away.
  • So Users can upload INVOICES and remaining all our AI system will do it for you!

How it works?

Data Extraction​

Extract data with AI scanner to understand their structure, pattern, and potential meaning.​

Validation and Correction​

System will choose the most suitable ones based on their confidence score followed by AI based correction


  • You can directly export data into CSV or Excel format.
  • Save human time and cost
  • Faster ROI
  • Streamline process
  • Free up resources
  • Cloud based app: Anywhere - Any time

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