Facemask Detection & Alert Generation


Due to Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes a necessary step of action that every individual person is covered with a facemask. ​But there are some challenges when the human volume is high in areas like Shopping malls, Factories, Warehouses, etc. ​So, it is difficult to identify a person without a face mask.


  • Face Mask Detection is a Real Time Face Mask Detection System where users do not have to take continuously monitor system overhead then it will generate alert based on detection criteria.
  • It is a Face mask detection system which will detect person with/without Face mask and generate alerts.
  • It is proven deep learning technology that identifies the person object from camera captured stream with/without face mask. ​
  • This ensures it is ready to identify variety of person objects with different mask or without mask.
  • So Users can connect it with Camera and remaining all our AI system will do it for you!

How it works?

Process Camera Steam​

Extract Stream data with AI scanner to identify person with/without face mask​

Validation and Correction​

System will choose the most suitable ones based on their confidence score followed by AI based correction


  • Faster Streamlined Process.
  • Reduced Overhead
  • More Responsive

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