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About Company

Company provides occupational health, safety and environmental risk management services and solutions and is the exclusive provider. The company’s strong focus is on creating a national service provider that meets the growing demand for occupational health and safety services. The company offers safety, health, environmental and quality training courses.

Company’s Auditing Service provides holistic solutions which are based on years of experience and range from legal compliance audits to integrated health, safety and environmental audits. These systems have a proven track record of reducing the injury and fatality rates in the workplace and have been implemented by companies on five continents.

Managed services provide consulting services which include the design, implementation and review of business processes.

Company has a highly competent and experienced staff complement, enabling the business to meet the growing needs of its client base, particularly given the increased pressure on companies to comply with occupational health, safety and environmental legislation.

The company is committed to providing solutions to manage the health, safety and general well-being of all employees in the workplace. For many years the company has been supplying its clients with products and services that enhance their health and safety performance. Their products and services are recognized as an international benchmark in the management of SHEQ risks.


  • Operations were going fully manually on paper. Defining the clear Training, Auditing, & Consulting services processes for digitalization.
  • Rollout digital solution globally on all branches.
  • Training to the users across the globe.
  • Development of critical components in digitalization.
  • Integration with Public Site and Sage ERP
  • Document management for tracking, monitoring services’ materials.
  • Projects, Tasks, Resources management
  • Reports, Analytics
  • Robust security, privacy.

Problem Statement 

  • Training, Auditing, Consulting operations were manual in all offices across the globe.
  • A huge amount of paper cost, time wastage was there.
  • Increasing work force cost.
  • Increasing operational cost.
  • Huge amount of paper usage. Big environment concern.
  • There were no standard processes for Training, Auditing, Consulting across the offices.
  • No accurate, real-time operations’ status data insights.
  • Satisfaction and Productivity of employees, training staff, students, Clients were reducing.


  • Centralize web-based system to standardize all Training, Auditing, Consulting operations.
  • Real time status of various stages in Training, Auditing, Consulting.
  • Integration with other legacy central systems (Ex. Sage ERP, Web Site,..)
  • Various analytic summary reports to get the real time status of business and forecast.
  • Standardize document life cycle.
  • Manage the projects, tasks, resources through robust project management solution.

Scope of Work

  • Data capturing of All the stages of Training, Auditing, Consulting services.
  • Workflow to move from one stage to another stage
  • Timer Job to automatically update the status of each stage.
  • Notification on various stages to update the concern stake holders.
  • Booking component to book the Trainers, Auditors, Consultants.
  • Call centre integration
  • Student, Client, Trainers, Auditors, Consultants profiling and history.
  • Summary of all the operations and stages to look at the current status.
  • Document management
  • Project, task, resource management
  • Student Portal
  • Faculty Portal
  • Admin Portal
  • Help Desk
  • Training Stages:
    • Training Schedule
    • Resource Booking
    • Student Booking
    • Fees Receipt
    • Attendance
    • Evaluation
    • Marking
    • Moderation
    • Sent Results
    • Certificate Issue
    • Reports
  • Auditing Stages:
    • Auditing Schedule
    • Resource Booking
    • Receipts
    • Audit Reports
    • Peer Review
    • Certificate Issue
    • Non-Conformance
    • Reports & Analytics
  • Consulting
    • Consulting Schedule
    • Resource Booking
    • Receipts
    • Consulting Reports
    • Reports & Analytics
  • Others:
    • National Schedule
    • Wall Summary
    • Form based authentication.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Technology evaluation
  • Solution Architecture
  • Product Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Rollout Support


  • Business Analysis documentation
  • Architecture design
  • Technology evaluation and feasibility study
  • Development
  • Training
  • Rollout & Support


  • Built upon Microsoft Technology: Windows server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server.
  • Centrally hosted on Vodacome, South Africa cloud and operated from all Offices across the globe.
  • Robust data privacy, security.
  • Form based authentication for user, permission, security management.

Project Info

  • Category: SharePoint
  • Client: Training, Auditing, Consulting services provider
  • Location: South Africa
  • Industry: SHE
  • Role: PM, BA, Consultant, Architect, Developer
  • Completed Date: 2015
  • Year Of Complited: Large

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